Saturday, January 25, 2014

What A Novel Idea

So, like I said, I enjoy writing stories and books and such. Today I am going to be telling you about one book that I am working on with the help of Hannah Privitera (and others). For now it is called, The Concept, set in the late 1700s to the mid 1800s in London, England. It has a rather complex plot line so I will only be telling you a little of it and also I don't want to spoil it for you. It is about a man named Thane Border, which we follow through his whole life. His parents abandoned him at a very young age to be looked after by his cruel aunt and uncle who later cast him out. Thane finds himself on the streets of London for a few years when his fortune changes. Through a long series of events, he gets married, has a son, opens an orphanage and watches his son grow into a man of whom we are all now quite interested in. The story slowly becomes more focused on Thane’s son: Charles Border. We see Charles struggle through many things including the great divide of social classes, a possible crime, and the gore of war. The story takes some major pivotal turns that will not be discussed here and eventually the story is concluded.

I promise there is a lot more that happens besides that. Like I said, it has a very complex plot. I don't plan on finishing this for a while, like a few years, because I expect it to be pretty long and I want to take my time to make it the best that I can. As of now I only have about three chapters done, but I have the whole plot line all laid out.

Below I am going to allow you to see some quotes from what I have written so far. Remember, these are taken from the unedited, first draft copy. Enjoy!

“Speak no more Elizabeth, I take no offense.”
-Thane Border

“I have no speech to give you, no lecture, I find it not my place. I fear I may have offended you in some way and for that I am truly sorry.”
-Elizabeth Samuels

“I found him much more agreeable of late than you. He for one will not disregard me.”
-Elizabeth Samuels

 “I am leaving, Thane.”
-Elizabeth Samuels

“Say something, stare not at me so. Your silence hurts me. Answer me! Have I offended you so much as to lose your friendship all in all? Thane?”
-Elizabeth Samuels

“I wonder do you have many young suitors? Just a passing curiosity.”
-Thane Border

“Suitors? I dare say not. I have no intention of having any.”
-Elizabeth Samuels

“I have known you to be stubborn, Thane, but this is idiocy! A lad of six and ten should have enough dignity and self control to look his peers in the eye and speak for heaven’s sake!”
-Benjamin Daniels

“He reached for her hand, lifted it to his lips, kissed it, and turned away.”

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