Friday, April 11, 2014

A Little Bit of Red

Willow: On Water's Edge

              This is a story I started in 2011, so I wasn't that good at writing then. It was never written that well and is pretty cheesy but I think it could be half decent if I re-wrote it. It is an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood. The main girl (Red Riding Hood) is called Willow Thatcher. That is a name that I have used since this story in at least one other book because I had thought I would never finish this book but I like the name too much to give up on it entirely. Below are some parts from this story. Let me know if you think I should revive this or just drop it.  
The icy water was freezing my bones and my muscles wouldn’t respond. The water was draining the life from my veins. Suddenly I was being pulled into the chilled air and a blurry face hovered above me. Warmth enveloped me and I was again surrounded by water, still sinking. The face had been a vision, a memory; it was vague yet familiar. Water was filling my lungs and all went dark.
“Why didn’t you kill him when you had the chance?”
“There’s something about him, something I don’t understand. I just couldn’t do it,” Garrel whispered. 
When I was born my parents could not take care of me. They were too poor. So my Aunt and Uncle agreed to take care of me until my parents could afford to feed me. But when my sister, Maple, was born two years later, they could not give her away. When they gave me away it broke their hearts. They couldn’t go through with that again. They were able to scrounge up enough food for all three of them.
When I was with my Aunt and Uncle, their realm was raided. I never knew who raided it, but all I knew was that life was never the same after that. Abban was gone. Jewel was weak, all the time. Gretchen locked up and never spoke more than two words to any of us. She’d only speak to him. Hugo. She’d tell him everything. They had been close since birth.
“What does she want with me? What have I ever done to her?”
“It’s not what you have done, but what you will do.” I didn’t understand. “Don’t you know? Your little friend never told you? Such loyalty, such love, such compassion- all lies. He never was what you thought. He never cared for you. He was just keeping himself safe, lies to free his soul. No one has ever cared about you. Did you really think all this happened because you knew something about Surrél? There’s nothing to know about her. She’s an Oracle, everyone knows that. Foolish child. Can’t tell when someone is using you.”
                 I turned to face Jac, “Is it true? What he says?”
                 “Willow, I…”
                The Wolf broke him off, “Now that Garrel, he’s a different story completely. Such a fool. A skillful fool. He had no idea who the people where that he killed. He has ensured your death in doing so. But he is as innocent as a child. He knows nothing. Everything he did, he did for you. To bring you back, but really he has sealed your death, with all of them. When he ripped Sabrina Fair’s heart out, he ripped out yours too. You have failed.”
               “What are you talking about?”
             “You don’t know anything do you? Who you are, what you are to do. That you are chosen to…”
             I felt a great force on my back. I was falling. I landed deep in the freezing water. I spun around in the water; I could see Jac’s face. The betrayal.

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