Sunday, June 21, 2015

Walk of Mortality

To raise money so I can eat on the Boston eteam (mission's trip) this year, I am self publishing a compilation of short stories I have written and am hoping to make some cash off of it. It is called Walk of Mortality and Other Short Stories. Here are a few blurbs from it and the picture a friend of mine drew for the cover. All you good people should buy it when I'm done. :)

"The banker said he was a thief; the doctor said he was a murderer; the teacher said he was a kidnapper. And yet the peasant said he was a noble; the orphan said he was a father; and the ruined said he was a saint."

"You sit in your house; all is calm, all is normal, all is right. The wood beneath your feet feels the same as it has for your whole life. The fire by your back roars as it always has. People are busily passing on the street outdoors. But then something changes in the air. The fire by your back is not all the fire you smell. A heavy sent of smoke crosses your nose. You hear the people outside who had seemed so cheerful just seconds before, screaming."

"Wind blew the leaves from the safety of their branchy homes. Rain flooded the dwellings of the working ants. Thunder killed the homey tunes of the blue jays. I saw Gardi Jeremoth threaten to remove her that day. Remove her by means of death." 

"You never realize how much you need someone, till they’re gone."

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