Monday, July 14, 2014

Talent At Its Peak

Fluffy the Unicorn

Written By: Margaret Sensenig and Jonyo Hull
Plot Assistant: Nathan King 
Published By: Members Of The Whale 
Dedicated To: Mason Miller’s Unicorn 
Special Thanks To: Julia Pritchard's iPhone 

"Their best work put on display," says the CEO of Mythical Creature Times, Nicholas Shoff. 

     Fluffy was fluffy. Fluffy had pink hair. Fluffy had a long, long horn. Fluffy loved to dance. Fluffy was a boy. One day Fluffy danced in the rain, and his pretty pink hair got all messed up so he went home and cried. He was so upset because once his hair was messed up, there was no going back. So he cried. And he cried all night long. This was because his hair was messed up. His hair was messed up because he danced in the rain. Fluffy was a boy. He died. He shouldn't have danced in the rain. The End.

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